Top 10 Most Valuable Car Brands – by Reliability

The greater majority of car manufacturers manage to create at least one great model. But only a few car brands manage to create a reputation in terms of reliability – which should be a priority for all car buyers. While performance is another important characteristic, reliability is something most drivers look for in a car. So, if you’re on the lookout for a reliable car, do consider the following manufacturers.

10. Chevrolet

To start with, Chevrolet has an extensive range of vehicles with a predicted reliability score above average. This entails the Chevy Corvette sports car, whose reliability score is also above average – as well as the subcompact Chevy Sonic, with a 4-star rating out of 5. As for the Volt plug-in hybrid, the reliability score is above average, being covered by a warranty of eight-years.

9. Honda

Honda is another car manufacturer that always manages to reach the top of the most valuable car brands. On top of that, they are conveniently priced, which makes them really popular amongst car owners. For example, the Honda Ridgeline is a dependable pickup truck, whose reliability score is of 4.5. Nonetheless, the Honda Odyssey minivan has a low rating – in fact, the lowest rating for Honda automobiles – of 2.5.

8. BMW

Many enthusiast drivers are passionate about BMW vehicles that are known for their high performance. The upscale and classic interior design is also a major draw. As for the reliability rating for this brand, it is above average for most of its vehicles. The cars that scored best were the 4 Series small car and the BMW midsize SUV.

7. Kia

Similar to Hyundai – its sister company, Kia is also renowned for its excellent warranty – which extends over 60,000 miles. This is why it’s not at all surprising that this brand offers excellent value, especially when it comes to safety.

In this view, the Kia Soul is one of the highest-ranked models. Nevertheless, the Kia Sedona falls short in terms of reliability, with a low score of 2.5.

6. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is an established brand, whose beginnings go back to the 19th century. Ever since its foundation, the brand stands for innovation, technology, and style – which are values that are still representative till today. At the time being, Mercedes has an extensive variety of cars, ranging from luxury models to sports models, aiming at addressing a large base of customers. In most cases, the reliability scores received after through tests were above the average rating, which, without fear of contradiction, indicates that their vehicles are better than most.

5. Buick

Buick also received a high rating, particularly when it comes to automotive reliability. Perhaps the reason why Buick has managed to obtain such a high rating is due to its somehow limited vehicle lineup. For example, in the case of brands with a more extensive range of cars, it can be difficult to provide the same consistency. In the case of Chevrolet, some models have negatively damaged the brand’s score.

In spite of that, this doesn’t deny Buick’s dependability as a brand. In fact, the brand managed to reach the top 1o list for several years in a row, which further outlines its consistency.

4. Toyota

Toyota is defined by reliability and dependability – which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is ever-present in selections of top car manufacturers. This is a carmaker that has established itself as a recognizable manufacturer. In America alone, Toyota cars are widely used – being one of the top three manufacturers.

Evidently, one of the reasons behind its popularity in America, and not only, is its unmatched reliability. If we were to look at individual cars, we would notice that most of them are notably reliable. To be more specific, the Toyota Auris is a popular small family car, being really dependable and practical. The same can be said about the Toyota Prius and Toyota Yaris, amongst other things.

3. Lincoln

At the time being, Lincoln produces half a dozen luxury automobiles. Depending on the competition of the car and the model itself, its reliability rating can range from low to high. Notwithstanding, overall, the predicted reliability score is good. Even so, it’s worth mentioning that the luxury models produced by Lincoln are, in some instances, outranked by the competition in areas such as performance and design.

2. Porsche

Over time, Porsche has become synonymous with prestige, luxury, and style. Due to the brand’s established prestige, reliability should be a given. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, luxurious brands don’t necessarily produce the safest cars. As a matter of fact, statistically speaking, luxury cars have been proven to be unsafe.

Still, this doesn’t apply to Porsche, which has a high-reliability rating. This is also why it has reached the second position in our top. Over time, the company has enhanced its technology, which, in turn, has optimized the brand’s reliability. Supposedly, the most common problems might have been addressed. Therefore, each Porsche model had a reliability rating higher than 4.

1. Lexus

Studies show that Lexus is the most reliable car brand at the time being. Lexus is the luxury division of the brand Toyota, being known for its comfortable, stylish and dependable cars. To be more specific, Lexus has topped the lists of the most dependable cars on the market for many years. Each and one of the brand’s models accomplished a rating above average.

The engines are, in particular, very reliable, which plays a major part in the equation. And consumer surveys outline that Lexus cars rank high in terms of quality and performance, as well. The Lexus IS, as well as the Lexus RX and the Lexus GS come with high ratings, and not only.

To conclude, these are some of the most reliable brands at the time being. Nevertheless, while some of the brands have remained at the top for many years to come, it’s worth noting that these change all the time, depending on the approaches employed by car manufacturers.

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