Top 10 Sites for Used Cars in the US

The process of discovering and buying a used car could be a real headache if you don’t know where to look at. Thankfully, there is a sheer number of websites where you can find everything from small sedans to big pickup trucks. These sites act as virtual used-car lots that let the users easily exchange the pressure-laden and salesman environment for a cozy desk chair. They provide all the important information concerning a car’s history and condition.

However, you should determine which sites are the most competent to have the best online shopping experience. We’ve selected top 10 websites for used vehicles in the United States.


As opposed to the websites that use ridiculous commercials, is a site that provides anyone with extensive and deep resources when buying a used car. By using the filters, you can do a research on pre-owned or used vehicles in your area based on the price, model, and make. Once you’ve found the desired vehicle, the site will provide the links to related Carfax reports.


Thanks to the advanced search tools, this site allows you to pick the price, make, and model of your desired automobile while filtering the results according to the exact specifications, fuel economy, or other key features. For example, you can only search for sedans with keyless entry or cars with intuitive navigation systems. Make sure to check the appropriate boxes and let the results pop up.


If you are a fan of classic vehicles, this website is right for you. On the Hemmings, you can find a whole lot of classic cars – from ’30s Studebakers to Chevy Impalas from the ’60s. The site offers a variety of tools that let you easily locate any specific part or service concerning to a particular car. The website also includes an updated blog called a Daily News Letter, as well as a webstore where the users can purchase diecast models, car books, wall calendars, etc.


Autolist may look like an ordinary entrant at first sight, but it sets itself apart from other websites with the mobile connectivity. The site is designed to be easy to use and attractive, whereas its app is deemed to be the most popular used-car resource for iOS and Android devices today. This mobile software lets you search the databases of similar sites and apps dealing with the used cars.


Designed to be straightforward and simple, CarsDirect is intended for those searching for the used vehicles within their region. In fact, this site lets you shortlist your search by price, make, model, or body style and thus filter available options within a provided area. The results cover both dealers’ and owners’ offerings, wrapped up in an in-depth report. Each search result includes numerous pictures that detail the condition of the selected car. You can save your search history and favorite cars.


BAT (Bring a Trailer) is probably the best-kept secret in a batch of used-car websites. It is designed as a search engine, which means you will not find many Volkswagen Jettas or Toyota Camrys there. This site is tailored for enthusiasts looking for rare and classic vehicles in the US.


If you are on the lookout for a fair bargain, make sure to visit Cargurus. This website doesn’t allow consumers and dealers list the vehicles on their own, but the site itself ranks advertisements based on price and dealer reputation. When buying a used car, Cargurus educates shoppers with all the necessary information on a genuine market value of a selected car.


TrueCar is a website that offers complete pricing information and thus enables buyers to get the best deal on a used car. On the contrary to most websites, TrueCar does not charge for service. It certifies more than 11,000 dealers across the US to provide the users with the best experience. The dealers are required to sign a contract in order to get the approval stamp.


To cast an all-inclusive net over other used-car sites, AutoTempest brings together search results from CarsDirect, AutoTrader,, eBay Motors, and so on. Its homepage features negotiating tips, advice, checklists, and buying guides for a broad range of different makes and models. There are also plenty of frequently asked questions and comprehensive car reviews. That’s why many people go to AutoTempest when buying a used car.


Craigslist is considered one of the best options for the local shopping despite a small number of search functions. Whether you are searching for local owners or dealers in your area, the website gives you access to an abundance of vehicles. You can sort the pages by location, which is another thumbs-up for Craigslist. Moreover, this is one of the very few websites where trades and bartering can be a viable option, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides.

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