Top 5 Projects of the Autonomous Car

The infection of artificial intelligence has aided in turning the destiny of many aspects of the world around and vehicles aren’t much behind in this cut throat competition. Predictions of the sci-fi films are suddenly going to become reality as projects on creating driverless cars are being laid out on the table. Here are the top 5 in the race of domination over the autonomous technology.

5. Das ‘futuristic’ Auto of Volkswagen

On an ambitious path to design sleek cars that leave mouths gaping and hearts desiring for more, Volkswagen has announced a budget of 44 billion Euros with autonomous driving being one of the major focuses. With Google as a match made in heaven, the two plan on working with Waymo technology to gift autonomous wonders to the world.

The first attempt is towards making Chrysler Pacifica Transport minibuses that will ease the life of the lucky citizens in Phoenix, Arizona. The Sedric pod is the second project with Level 4/5 technology. Lidar and radar sensors are integrated into the system to aid with the movement and neural networks will be put for in-car control. As an owner all you’d have to do is push the button, enter the desired destination and viola you’ll be on your way!

4. BMW’s Five Levels Driverless Glory

Majority of the BMW cars employ Level 1 automation where driver support systems aid in providing high security and maximum comfort. An example is of City Brake Activation that avoids collision through automatic brakes. Level-2 partial automation is trending with features such as Steering and Lane Control Assistance. Imagine not having the stress to remember where to brake or accelerate from.

In Level-3 the vehicle becomes highly automated which is the future aim where as a driver it would be possible for you to take attention away from the road. Now texting for sometime can actually become non-hazardous to life! The next step is Level-4 or Fully Automated Driving. Even with obstacles such as construction sites, your car will have a brain of its own controlling the manoeuvre. Didn’t get enough sleep in the night but late for work? Well, BMW will graciously give you extra minutes of bliss in commute to office.

The ultimate Level 5 will imply full automation with zero needs of a driver. No haggles of license or stress of unnecessary tests. Unless you are passionate, driving can be handed over to a more efficient control. Even though only specific areas would have these, the safety will increase tenfold.

3. Super Driving Skills Kudos Tesla

Safety is a priority and Tesla promises to adhere to that with its updated hardware that enables self-driving capabilities with greater accuracy than a human’s. With a 360 degree vision thanks to the eight integrated cameras along with twelve ultrasonic sensors there is hardly a scope of not being impressed. The neural system is controlled by a computer system that has over the years become highly efficient than the previous generations. One of the most sought out features is of the auto pilot. Now the speed of the vehicle can be adjusted or lanes changed according to traffic, self-park taken care of and freeway transitions made possible without intervention.

Who needs wands when you can simply stand outside the house and with a press of button summon your vehicle to vacate the garage and come to you! Whether it is trying to avoid slow movement or navigating through complicated roads, Tesla will do everything required with features like Smart Summon and sooner or later become your best friend. If you are lazy and don’t end up saying the destination to the system, you car will be able to read your calendar and assume the destination. Don’t we have something great to look forward to?

2. Cruising the Lanes with GM

Thinking out of the box leads to success as GM commenced with getting rid of the steering wheel and pedals with its Level 4 Cruise AV. Inspired from the diligence of Apple, the company wants to make its own car design and software. The project has already made public appearance on the streets of San Francisco and Phoenix.

Leading the competition with promise of manufacture faster than the rest of the economy, by 2019, GM has also graced the expectant fans with a peek of its vision of the car. Some critics feel it looks ‘eerie’ with the missing features and the bilateral symmetry of the front seats but many have hopes that the futuristic car is the progressive step. After Waymo, GM is the only other company that has submitted a concrete report to US Department of Transportation. This contains system information such as human machine interface, post-crash behaviour, recording of accidents, cyber security among a few others. The President Dan Ammann has claimed that “We believe technology will change the world” and we as the general audience are keeping our fingers crossed for that statement’s fulfilment.

1.The Underdog Champion – Aptiv

Formerly known as Delphi Automotive, Aptive has been gaining pace in the race of automotive driving. The company purchased nuTonomy which is almost as powerful as Waymo and along with Ottomatika, a venture of CMU; it would be able to raise its place in the top technologically capable companies. They acquire code of a whooping 40 billion lines with an increase every year much more than even an Android operating device! With big names taking attention in States, Aptiv has been trying driverless taxis on the roads of Singapore.

As a recent venture, they announced around 30 autonomous vehicles to glamour the area of Las Vegas. This is in partnership with Lyft such that the benefits acquired from both can be reaped for profits. While Aptiv invests its technology, the Lyft app makes it accessible to all the urban consumers. The two managed to get a total of 5000 rides.

The reason Aptiv can gain popularity is for its passion towards a green and safe mobility in a world that is slowly degrading in these aspects. Be on the lookout engine lovers for Aptiv might just grant you the dream car!

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